Business X-Ray for Simpro

Process insights from inside your data

A greater return on your data invested in Simpro

You’ve created a valuable asset inside Simpro. The data your staff enter every day is likely the most detailed record of your business in your possession.

That data shows your processes and details what’s going right and what’s going wrong but Simpro only provides limited windows on it from the outside.

Business X-Ray for Simpro gets you inside that data. It displays your processes diagrammatically and interactively, giving non-technical staff unprecedented visibility of process flows to fix process problems, react in real time and press your advantages.

How process mining works

Process Mining enables you to make fact-based decisions quickly and easily, using data you already have.

Data from Simpro (and your other systems via our Connectors) is run through our algorithms to create an event based model of your business processes. Its fast, accurate and accessible to the average business person.

Our analytical tools allow you to slice and dice, drill down into the process diagram, develop interactive charts etc.

The result is a complete picture of what goes on in your business, based on data rather than personal perception. This means you can more quickly identify the cause and cost of inefficiencies reported to you as well as the inefficiencies nobody had even thought to question.

Process Mining for Field Service

Managing a field team, you have limited visibility of the actions of many of your staff. Issues may not be reported to you or even recognised as fixable by the individual staff member in the field.

The variability of field work can often obscure general themes, leading to each issue being perceived as a ‘once off’, whereas considering processes as a whole can be the key to innovative changes.

Due to managers not being present when the majority of the work is carried out; it can be hard to know what is caused by systemic issues, or what is simply a variation between the way it should be done and what’s happening in reality. Business X-Ray for Simpro allows managers to find the root causes and dedicate their energies to the most appropriate fixes.

Business X-Ray for Simpro is designed to be easily usable by Managers and Team Leaders, it encourages discovery, curiosity and experimentation in process improvement. It’s live data means no wait for admin staff to produce time consuming reports and removes the barrier of managers not digging too deeply into data due to already overburdened admin resources.

Business X-Ray for Simpro brings a process analysis advantage that previously only benefited the largest players to every Simpro user.

Connect Multiple Systems

Business X-Ray for Simpro’s insights are extended by merging data from multiple systems. CRM, ERP and Financial systems as well as those bits of data still isolated in spreadsheets can be combined for complete view of your operations.

Just some of our Connectors include:

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