F-Gas for Simpro

Inward and outward F-Gas tracking with Simpro workflows.

F-Gas for Simpro provides inward and outward tracking of F-Gas within Simpro for both mobile and desktop users; to the level of a specific cylinder on a particular van.

Overview of F-Gas for Simpro

F-Gas tracking incorporated into Simpro workflows

Engineers’ workflow

Engineers’ workflow on Simpro mobile remains as they are accustomed to, with the addition of natively capturing F-Gas flows for the Cylinder asset.



Office Workflow

Volume of Gas flows for the asset is updated along with the job and visible in the office on Simpro desktop.

Cylinder return monitoring

F-Gas for Simpro alerts when cylinders are due for return to avoid additional charges from suppliers.

F-Gas Dashboard

View assets installed, due to be returned or with warranties expiring per month and interact with the chart to drill down into the full history of the assets.

Track movements of gases and view a history of transactions of gas for each cylinder asset on each van.

Certificate of Servicing

A Certificate of Servicing is automatically generated by F-Gas for Simpro and can be delivered to the client in just two clicks.

Certificates can be branded with your own colour and logo.

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