Of all the systems you may have wished would integrate with Simpro, your phones may not have even crossed your mind. Here’s why they should.

Simpro is at the heart of your organisation. It knows who your customers are. It records your activities with them. It closely integrates large parts of your business. It will tell you your customer’s phone number but the integration stops the moment you start to dial.

Simpro already does so much for your organisation that we can forgive it this oversight. Especially as Voice from Simplementrary is here to close the gap. It removes the manual processes around your phone communications to save you time and provide a more immediate and responsive customer experience.

When a customer calls, they have to introduce themselves and you have to search for their record. It can create a pause that disconnects you from your customers and perhaps a perception that they are just a number in a computer to you. Simplementary Voice automatically brings up the contact record in Simpro the moment the phone starts to ring, enabling you to answer with a personal greeting like “Hello Mrs Jones”. It saves time on each call but more importantly it makes your customers feel remembered and valued.

For outgoing calls, looking up a customer’s phone number and dialling it may seem the smallest of tasks, not taking up much time, but how many times a day do you do it? Think of the people in your organisation who are on the phone the most, it all adds up. Voice enables you to dial any phone number in Simpro with a single click.

Simplementary Voice records your calls and stores/plays them right in the contact record in Simpro. This is a day-to-day time saver and in some circumstances it can be a life saver. When the phones are very busy; you can just move straight onto the next call without pausing to take notes, without worry about forgetting the content of the call and your actions arising from it.

In the case of disputes with customers or suppliers a call recording can save you from an acrimonious ‘he said, she said’ situation.

Simplementary Voice provides all the other advantages of a modern phone system such as auto attendant, call queues, conference calling and intelligent call routing for remote working but its integration with Simpro is unique.

It saves you time on often repeated tasks, saves your calls in recordings accessible in the contact record in Simpro and brings you closer to your customers. It may not be the most obvious Simpro extension but it’s certainly one of the most useful.