React for Simpro

Enables tenants to request jobs and monitor their status.

Connects you directly to your tenants (or your client’s tenants) in real time.

Better for you and your clients

  • Saves your clients’ time, adds value to your service.

  • Saves you time, less data entry, less time on the phone.

  • Improves first fix rates.

  • Open for further development to meet your specific needs.

Intuitive user interface

  • Icon based fault reporting allows tenants to quickly and intuitively select the location, item and fault.

  • Prompts for all the information needed, including photos to quote accurately and fix first time.

Interactive booking form

  • Linked directly to your pre-configured priority codes
  • Tenant sees the site asset list to select the relevant asset.

  • Optional date preference selector.

  • Real-time update to Simpro.

Real time notifications

  • Constantly updated keeping your tenant in the know.

  • Time and date stamped at the point of entry.

  • Complete audit trail for the tenant.

  • Cloud storage allowing the retention of all events in the app.

Your brand, your app

  • Your (or your client’s) logo on the icon and logon screen

  • Your (or your client’s) name in the app/play store

  • Your App delivered by us

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