If you provide certificates or forms to your clients upon completion of your work, you’re probably used to a time consuming disconnect between your certificate and what’s in Simpro.

You may be filling out a separate certificate in eforms or perhaps filling out a paper certificate. It’s a necessary part of the job but the duplication is obvious.

Entering data into Simpro and then onto a separate document is doing the same job twice. Multiply how long that takes by how many times a day an operative does it and then multiply by how many operatives you have. It’s a time cost that needs to be eliminated.

Furthermore, duplication of data is error prone, what if Simpro’s data and the document don’t agree? Which do you trust? Which does the client think is the real one?

Is it also the case that the form you’ve worked twice for doesn’t look as professional as you’d like?

Simple Certs approach solves all this.

It populates the form directly from the asset data in Simpro. Your operative enters the data just in Simpro, completes the job and moves immediately on to the next one. No double entry of data.

Back at the office your staff review the job and click one button in our portal to produce an electronic certificate with your branding and your colours. All laid out well, with the text lining up properly and ready to send to the client.

The end result for you is happier and more productive staff. With no secondary app to open and fill in, no sheaf of paper, less room for errors and a better looking form for your customer, over which you have more control.

When time is money and there are only so many jobs you can do a day, doing any task twice just doesn’t make commercial sense. With a low cost for your whole organisation to use the certificates as often as you need them, Simple Certs is the solution.