Faster completion of certificates & forms with no duplication of data.

Certified to be simple, certain to save time.

Simple Certs enables you to enter the data once into Simpro and then generate any certificate (or form) simultaneously, saving the step of re-entering data and saving your valuable time.

Industry Standard Certificates Included

Overview of SimpleCerts for the Electrical Industry

Due to the large number of items displayed horizontally in the Schedule of Circuit Details and Test results; electrical certificates are only available in lansdcape orientation.

Overview of SimpleCerts for the Gas Industry

Please note: Certificate codes provided in brackets may be obsolete terms once used by registration bodies. However, as they are still commonly used as informal references, they are included here for convenience.

Overview of SimpleCerts for the Fire & Security Industry


Any certificate, any form

  • Industry standard certificates and your own custom forms can be created.
  • Continue to provide the same look and layout that your customers are used to seeing.
  • Simply attach any field in Simpro to the fields in your form, click a button and your form auto populates.

  • Text boxes dynamically resize to fit the data entered, meaning no cut off text or tiny fonts.
  • Customise with your logo, branding and colours.

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