A Simpro integrated telephone system.
Detects callers and brings up their contact details.
Records calls and saves the recording alongside the contact record.

Closer to your customers. Complete contact with your colleagues


C30 Handset

Advanced, easy to use handset with digital voice quality and a colour, backlit display. Displays your colleagues’ lines so you can instantly see if they are currently on a call. Dedicated keys to quickly pick up a colleague’s line if they are away from their desk along with many more features such as caller ID, Call logging, redial and hold, speakerphone, headset compatibility and call waiting notification.

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Closer to your customers

Complete contact with your colleagues

Simpro Integration

Simplementary Voice brings your calls into the fold with all your other data in Simpro. Automatic call recording removes the need to disengage from the customer by typing notes during the call or spend extra time typing them up after the call. An exact recording is less error prone than typed notes and enables you to ensure your quality of service and protect you against disputes.
Simplementary Voice allows you to call customers direct from their contact record in Simpro. It also automatically detects incoming callers and brings up their contact record in Simpro. These small time savings on often repeated tasks add up to a significant improvement in efficiency, as well as making your customer experience more immediate and responsive. “Good morning Mrs. Jones, how may we help?”

Resilient Network and Backbone

Our network is built for uptime and resilience. If you have a problem with the internet connectivity at your site, our intelligent platform sees this fail and automatically routes calls to mobile numbers or outside numbers to ensure you never miss a call.

Sophisticated call reporting

Our CloudAnalytics service provides in-depth call reporting and data export. All reports can be in a statistical format, pie chart or graph, all clickable to drill down on the information required.

Live information wallboards

Display live activity such as inbound, outbound and internal calls, as well as total concurrent calls. Monitor all calls or per user. Users can score the call to highlight an appointment booked or a sale made.

Simple web interface

Our online portal allows you to view your telephone setup, and easily divert calls, access information such as voicemail, call recordings and view live call information for performance monitoring

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